Nook Dance Centre

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Nook Dance Centre Staff

  • Must behave in a professional manner at all times.

  • Must prioritise the health and wellbeing of students over any performance or rehearsal outcome.

  • Must never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while children are in their care.

  • Must not use inappropriate language in the company of children and ensure that all music played in classes is completely age appropriate (both in language and theme)

  • Must not make direct contact with any Nook Dance Centre student outside of class time without the knowledge of Nook Dance Centre. This includes social media contact and text messaging.

  • Must treat all students equally and never display behaviours that may be interpreted as favouritism.

  • Must ensure that all class content is thoroughly age appropriate.

Nook Dance Centre Parents/carers

  • Must treat all Nook Dance Centre staff and other parents/carers and students with respect.

  • Must have their child at Nook Dance Centre at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of their class and collect them no later than 15 minutes after their class has ended (please note children are under Nook Dance Centre duty of care during their class and not before/after).

  • Strive to bring their child to every class unless they are unwell. (We do understand that important occasions come up, however, missing classes does have an impact on the other children in your child’s class. We also believe dance classes are an excellent opportunity to help children understand the importance of commitment).

  • Take the time to read emails/notes from Nook Dance Centre to ensure you are informed on important dates/information.

  • Ensure your child has eaten enough food to keep them going for the period of time they will be at Nook. Ensure you provide them with a snack if necessary.

Nook Dance Centre Students

  • Must treat all Nook Dance Centre staff and other parents/carers and students with respect.

  • Must arrive at class ready to focus and learn.

  • Must have a positive attitude, be open to trying new things and have a go at everything their teacher/choreographer asks of them.

  • Must leave mobile phones in bags (on silent) and advise a teacher if needing to use one during class.