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Contemporary Dance Classes + Dance Lab

Contemporary Dance Classes and 'Dance Lab'

Contemporary classes and movement Lab

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School aged students take Contemporary Dance classes in which they learn to move efficiently and safely, improve their co-ordination and body awareness and experience the joy of dancing alongside friends!

Contemporary class is followed by a 'Movement Lab' where the students are invited to unleash their creativity and become dance makers and improvisers. During Movement Lab, students will be given creative tasks and improvisation scores which will be used to generate original movement. Students collaborate with teachers/choreographers to create dance works to be presented at Nook Dance Centre performances during the year.

Movement Lab is all about:
🔸 Helping our students to find their own unique approach to movement and individual movement style.
🔸 Inviting our students to connect with their peers (face to face rather than screen to screen!) as they work together to create movement.
🔸 Empowering our students by showing them the value of their own creative contributions to Nook projects.
🔸 Providing a safe space for our students to truly be themselves.
🔸 No. Wrong. Answers. 

Class times:

Grade 1-3: Wednesdays
Contemporary Class and Movement Lab combined

Grade 4-6: Fridays
Contemporary class and Movement Lab combined

High School: Tuesdays
(Currently taking expressions of interest)
Contemporary class and Movement Lab combined

(Nook Dance Centre grades align with school grades)

What to wear

All Contemporary and Movement Lab students should wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move in e.g tracksuit pants/leggings/bike shorts and a T-Shirt or singlet. If students choose to wear a dress or skirt, we suggest they wear leggings or bike shorts underneath as we will be rolling around on the floor!

No shoes required.

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