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Preps Foundations of Dance

Foundations of Dance


This class is for children in Prep at school.

Foundations of Dance is a class that focuses on building and developing the gross motor skills specific to dance as well as starting to introduce this age group to improvisation and creative movement to prepare them for Contemporary Dance classes and Movement Lab the following year.
As Preps are experiencing so many big changes in their lives due to starting school, our goal is to make this class a place of freedom, consistency and most importantly: fun!


Class times

Tuesdays: 4.00-4.45PM

Saturdays: 12.05-12.50PM (Taking expressions of interest)


What to wear

Foundations of Dance students should wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move in e.g tracksuit pants/leggings/bike shorts and a T-shirt or singlet. If choosing to wear a dress or skirt, we suggest students wear leggings or bike shorts underneath.
Students can choose to wear ballet shoes or bare feet for this class.