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Presentation Day - Tots and Kiddies

 Presentation Day Info - ‘Tots’ and ‘Kiddies’


Presentation Day is a special day for our Preschool students to share what they have learnt across the year with family and friends. It is a low-key, stress-free, age-appropriate event held during your child’s last class of term 4, at our regular venue.

Every child who participates in Presentation Day will get to wear (and keep) a costume which will be provided on the day. Children who participate will all also receive a Nook Dance Centre medal, presented to them at the end of the Presentation Day as a way of rewarding all their hard work throughout the year.

You can invite up to 4 people to come along and watch this special event (4 people including yourself, so 4 per student)

It’s going to be a lovely, joyful way to finish off the year.

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers. Please don’t hesitate to email or speak to Tammy if you have any further questions or concerns.


How much does Presentation Day cost?:

If you have chosen to participate in Presentation Day, you will be charged an additional $45.00 on your term 4 invoice to cover the costs of Presentation Day. There are no further costs and guests do not need to purchase tickets for this event.

When will my child receive their costume?

To keep things simple, we will provide all the costumes on the day of you class’s Presentation Day. You simply turn up 15 minutes early and you will find the costumes organised into classes and clearly labelled with your child’s name. You will need to get them dressed in their costume ready for their class time.

Do I need to put make up on my child?

No. Unless you want to!

What time is my class’s Presentation Day?

This will be either at your usual class time or 10-15 minutes later. A Presentation Day schedule will be released during term 4.

Are photos and videos permitted during Presentation Day?

We have a ‘no photos or videos’ policy in place during the Presentation Day. This is for child safety reasons. You are welcome to take as many photos before and after the Presentation Day class as you like, we will set up a fun backdrop in the waiting area for your use. We will also film each Presentation Day class and make your class’s video available for you to view via a private Vimeo link.