Nook Dance Centre

Primary School Ballet



Our Primary School Ballet Class is a slightly ‘less traditional’ ballet class for primary school aged children. Learning ballet technique is a great way to increase body awareness, strength, flexibility and musicality.

This is what you can expect from ballet classes at Nook Dance Centre…

  • Ballet taught using safe dance practices (no unsafe stretching or placement of the body)

  • No uniform or hair requirements except for a pair of ballet shoes (these are not required for your trial class).

  • ‘Body positive’ language used at all times (you will never hear phrases such as "suck in your tummy" in our classes!) We use anatomically correct language when talking about our bodies, as this builds our students’ understanding of the musculoskeletal system and eliminates any language that could contribute to negative body image in our students.

  • A welcoming and fun environment for children of all ages to learn ballet technique.

Class Times

Tuesdays, 4.30-5.15PM

What to wear

Primary School Ballet students should wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move in, preferably shorts or pants if possible.
Ballet shoes are required for this class, however for trial classes a pair of socks will suffice.